What We Support

We are a local volunteering NGO who are also the part of community.  We always try to address the real need of the communities. Our every project is the reflection of the need of the communities we are working with. We are also collaborating with various local clubs and village development communities to make our programs more rooted.

We support

Local clubs for various programs

  • Local Libraries
  • Scholarships for the needy and marginalized communities for education
  • Local Sports club
  • Building project for community development
  • Various resource center on the community we are working with
  • Skill oriented trainings and workshops
  • Environmental awareness campaigns and projects
  • Local Entrepreneurship ideas

We are very transparent on the mobilization of our donation. Our fees are very affordable and we are transparent on the expenditure for projects and development. Our hands of support for community development projects are backed up by our volunteers and kind donors.