What Can I Expect

When people think of Nepal the Himalayas are the first image most come up with, but not only the Himalayas, flat lands of Nepal is equally fascinating and breathtaking and what results when both combined is culture of Nepal tremendously varied and fascinating. Diverse culture, different ways of life, different tone and scenery which you might not have experienced before.

Below here are some of the guidelines to prepare you for your volunteering in Nepal.

Pre- Departure Support

One of our staff with on-ground experience will be assigned to you upon your inquiry. He will guide you through booking, your inquiry, and your doubts from start of your booking to finish. Always at your fingertip via email or Skype, we are always here to answer any of your enquiries before and after your booking with DAV Nepal.

Airport Pick up and Drop

Upon your arrival, one of our staff will be assigned to receive you at the airport with your name displayed on the play card. You will be placed in DAV Nepal volunteer’s apartment where you will be staying for 3-5 days orientation and training before joining the project.

Volunteer orientation and training

On all of our projects, volunteers go through comprehensive orientation program and training which will be in-country orientation and training which prepares them for their volunteering activities, duties and engagement with local people on their placement. Volunteers here learn about i) basic language for greetings 2) project 3) culture 4) social issues 5) safety briefing 6) insight into the nature of the community they would be working with and the detailed explanation of their daily schedule which would be accompanied by the sightseeing in Kathmandu, Patan and Bhaktapur (most of which are listed in UNESCO World heritage sites).
Living with Nepali host family and volunteer Accommodation

Upon your arrival on Nepal, you will first be placed in our volunteer’s apartment in Kathmandu, where you would live with other volunteers and DAV Nepal team.  After your induction and training in Kathmandu you will be taken to your project site where you will live with Nepali host family. Living with a Nepali host family is a very amazing experience any volunteer would cherish for life as you could observe Nepali lifestyle very closely and being a part of it.

Cultural exchange

We strive for our volunteers amazing time and make sure that they experience all Nepal has to offer. We try to educate our volunteers about the host country, place, language, history, culture and immersing them in the essence of our lifestyle and tradition. Because you will be placed in a local Nepali host family you will have the chance to observe and to be a part of Nepali life in everyday reality. As you will be working alongside the community in your various projects, you will be engaging and exchanging ideas with locals which is also a great part to exchange culture.

Project work

Your day as a volunteer would be packed with lots of work and fun. You would be working with local communities and people including local teachers, social workers and healthcare workers. You scheduled of the project work and your routine varies according to the project and placement you chose to volunteer.

Free time

Although you will be busy with project work and your duties, you would also have enough free time to know more about the place and people. As you would be living with Nepali host family you would have great time talking and sharing experiences with them and also helping them in their household works if you wish. You can also explore nearby places. Most of our projects are run on Chitwan, which is blessed by nature. Only on a 5 min walk from your host family, you will reach Rapti River where you could witness wildlife movements, bird watching, experience canoeing in Rapti River, sunset and a small mealtime and evenings are also at your disposal to bond with local people and new found friends.

Nature and wildlife

Nepal is famous for its varied natural resources and magnificent wildlife. If you are placed in Chitwan for your project work then you will have the close relation with nature and wildlife. One horned rhinoceros, royal Bengal tiger, deer, bird watching a famous destinations for all at one place.


As you will be working hard as a volunteer, we will make sure that your off days and free time are filled with fun. So we will be arranging sightseeing for every of our volunteers. You will have time to see national park, wildlife, Eco parks, historical places and all other places your placement has to offer. We will also arrange a bicycle for you during your placement so you could use the bicycle all by yourself and also explore on your own.

Adventure Activities

The land of adventure, Nepal, you can’t just come here and do not adventure. It’s the adventure destination for adventure and nature lovers. Experience the wildest rapids of Nepal; roam around the wilderness of Chitwan National Park, ride an elephant, bathe an elephant, go canoeing, walk and trek along the oldest trials on Himalayas of Nepal.

If you have already booked for Volunteer and adventure, your period in Nepal is going to be very exciting and thrilling and for those who have booked only for volunteering in Nepal we would also engage them on various sightseeing, tours and adventure activities.