Responsible Volunteering

What is responsible travel?

It’s about delivering volunteering and travel/tour/adventure programs in such a way that ensures environmental, social and economic benefits to our host communities, while educating and motivating our volunteers to make travel choices that minimize the negative impact of tourism. It also involves getting closer to the local culture, learning about the people and embracing diversity.

What makes DAV Nepal Responsible?

  1. We try to educate our volunteers about responsible travel on our volunteers training and induction program and also on 3 phases, i) prior to departure ii) during the project and iii) during the adventure tour
  2. We develop our projects alongside the community stakeholders and make sure we are addressing the real need of the communities we are working with.
  3. We carefully select volunteer projects and adventure tour operators and managers
  4. We employ local staffs and also encourage local products and shopping to our volunteers.
  5. We offer 24/7 on ground support to our volunteers