Homestay and Cultural Exchange

Cultural exchange in Nepal

With three distinct geographical regions ranging from heights of 70 8848 m. and within a span of 147141 sq. kilometers, both Sino and Indian influence and heritages, it is not a surprise that the resulting culture of Nepal is tremendously varied and fascinating. The tourist attractions trying to package this history and way of life into traditional dresses and song-and-dance routines cannot begin to justify the culture of this country (or perhaps any other).

The program

To get to know a place other than one's own, one reads, one travels, or in some cases one stays. More than a holiday, volunteering programs engage a deeper sense of understanding between the travelers and the locals. In this program you will stay with a Nepali host family in your placement living as they do.

You will have the opportunity to get to know the community you are living in, help out in the house and fields of the host family, celebrate their festivals and get a first-hand outlook on life here.

Given that this is a cultural exchange, you could also share a little of your culture and customs, enabling both sides to see how different lives can be lived. These are two different lifestyles in a world of differences, no one better than the other. You can also, if you wish to, be involved in our other programs during your free time. These include teaching the kids at the community resource center or at a school or volunteering in child-club facilitation or awareness projects.


Cultural exchange programs can be arranged from  two or ten weeks only. September to December  is the best time to be. People will be in joyous holiday moods (Nepal’s two greatest festivals Dashain and Tihar are celebrated in succession), you will get to experience Nepal's vibrant and rich culture like no other time in the year -- an array of pujas and ceremonies, and all around celebrations happen. Also, the weather is absolutely glorious. You will be staying with a local host family where you will be provided with food and accommodation.