Health and Sanitation

Healthcare in Nepal

Nepal’s health care system is very poor. In the hospitals and health care centers outside of the capital the system is especially fragile. The doctors are negligent and do not show up for duty for days or weeks sometimes. Other apparatus are also weak and corruption is rife. Your presence can certainly help pressure the clinic to at least work in a decent manner. Health-care located outside cities needs volunteers. This program can make a huge impact in the community. One of the major problems is the disparity between access to healthcare for those living in urban areas and those in rural areas. For example "infant mortality in rural areas is 55 deaths per 1,000 live births compared with 38 deaths per 1,000 live births in urban areas."

The program

As medical volunteers you have to work as an assistant to the main doctor in the rural health post and or community clinic. Work responsibilities will be given according to your skill, education and experience. Volunteers will participate in empowering local people, helping  at health centers, providing primary health care, supporting rural health workers, supporting Women Health Volunteers (WHV), preparing health reports and taking classes to empower schoolchildren depending on their placement.

This program aims to provide volunteer opportunities to health professionals, medical students and public health students. It includes medical practice in health centers under the guidance of a health supervisor.

This project could also include health check-ups, helping with medical records, health and sanitation education, administering inoculations against childhood diseases and treating basic ailments in the orphanage. If you have a good health education and first-aid training then you can provide real benefit  to local communities. You can  also conduct the general first aid training program.

* Please note that while medical students or advanced degree holders are highly valuable for this program, volunteers with basic experience in this area can also be placed as any form of skilled manpower (for example in administration or communication) would be of great help.


You will be staying with a local host family where you will be provided with food and accommodation.