Group Volunteering

Group Volunteering in Nepal

Sometimes going abroad alone does not hold the same charm as going with a bunch of people you know. If that's the situation, one could grab a circle of friends, acquaintances, relatives, co-workers, or just about anyone one can collect, to pitch in for our group volunteering programs. Also, it always helps to have friends in strange places.

The program

We have an integrated approach towards community development. For the group volunteering program we have a wide range of projects. They focus on teaching, school and community infrastructure building, facilitating at the community learning center,  youth club programs, etc. The volunteers are placed in the project sites of DAV Nepal. The volunteers will have access to proper food, accommodation and transportation. The group volunteers will stay at the host's place in the community, which facilitates cultural exchange.

The group, if they choose to do so, might also propose ideas of projects they want to conduct. We could help process the idea into a workable project. We would be more than happy to work on your choice-projects and placements.

Some of the projects for group volunteering include:

  • Teaching at the local schools
  • Environment conservation programs
  • Lets Paint
  • School and community Construction
  • Health and sanitation awareness
  • Facilitating Community Learning Centre
  • Adventure and volunteering Program
  • Research

DAV Nepal will organize induction programs on the first phase of the project. The programs will be geared towards introduction to the community, our organization, the program, and such. We will also take all questions and answer them to the best of our knowledge.

*The time for group volunteering is flexible throughout the year. You can propose us your appropriate time and DAV Nepal can organize a group volunteering program accordingly. We can also help the group by providing local volunteers.


You will be staying with a local host family where you will be provided with food and accommodation.