Farm Volunteer

Agriculture and Nepal

Thanks to pretty much every text-book through school, the kids of Eighties in this country will never forget that "Nepal is an agricultural country."  Agriculture is the most essential facet of our economy,  Working in a field or   farm, one experiences Nepal in a very true sense of its socio-economic dynamics. The supply-chain of a fruit, a sack of rice, is the blueprint of our economy while the circumstances of this production results in a unique culture and way of living. (Like this festival held every year on Monsoon on the first day of planting. Or this one held in Kathmandu to appease the God of Rains).

The program

In this program volunteers will be staying with a local family.  Volunteers will assist their host family by helping with  daily work and agricultural errands for five days a week. Evenings and weekends are completely free and at your disposal.


You will be staying with a local host family where you will be provided with food and accommodation.