Shasank Sharma (Founders of Discover and Volunteer Nepal)

Shasank has a B.A. in Development Studies from Kathmandu University. While still an Undergraduate student he worked four years in the travel industry as well as for a non-governmental organization where he served as an intern, coordinator, correspondent officer and assistant tour officer. He has lived, worked and traveled all over Nepal both for studies and work.

Born and raised in Chitwan, his home was host to a stream of foreign volunteers in the years that he was growing up. The interactions sparked an initial interest in the sector. Later his hands-on experience in the non- governmental organization and travel industry, combined with an education in Development studies perfectly amalgamated to serve that interest. Now he aims to turn DAV into an NGO that serves to the real needs of communities while fostering international cooperation and networking. 

Nick Beaudoin

Nick was born in the United States just outside of Boston Massachusetts. He traveled to Nepal after completing High School. He spent over 5 months working as a volunteer at a Buddhist Monastery, community resource center, a Nepali government school, and was able to spend some time wandering the trekking routes in Nepal. During his time in the country he developed a sense of belongings to Nepal. Succumbed to the lure of Nepal he spent the next year developing a network back in his country from where he could fundraise for various projects in Nepal for education and community development. He loved his time in Nepal but saw major systemic flaws in the current Nepali NGO model and is determined to work with our team here to improve the current situation. He currently serves as our Co-Founder and Overseas Director. Nick has his B.A. in History with a concentration in Asian Studies from Salem State University. While at Salem State University he studied International Social Work. 

Sanjay Sharma

Born and raised in Chitwan, Sanjay completed his college from Kathmandu in management. Along with the study he had worked as a volunteer coordinator and travel manager for various volunteering organization. Now he is living in Australia and pursuing a degree in professional Accounting. He is largely involved in overseas networking for DAV Nepal.

Safal Adhikari

Safal is a young and emerging entrepreneur. Starting his early career with educational consulting he would later move on to operating a spa center in Kathmandu. He helps us ties work together with various businesses to promote our developmental projects.

Niranjan Sedai

Niranjan works as a field coordinator. He is an integral and part of our organization. He is responsible for placing volunteers into their home-stays/schools, supervising our development projects, and a myriad of other tasks. He is constantly with volunteers. He is well equipped with on ground experience. He will look after all the arrangements, once volunteers join the project. He arranges sightseeing and tours for our volunteers.

Nabin Sapkota

Nabin works as Pokhara coordinator.  He arranges everything for our volunteers and travellers in Pokhara. From picking up volunteers to placing them with host family, joining the chosen project, sightseeing, tours, trekking he does it all. He will be available for our pokhara based volunteers 24/7 a week.

Overseas coordinator and contact person:

Mona Adhikari

UK Coordinator

Solene Chatot Henry

France contact person

Scherie Nicol

Scotland Contact person

Henk Leutscher

Netherland Contact person

Celine Gavillet

Switzerland contact person