DAV Nepal Volunteer Training

As an DAV Nepal Volunteer you will take part in our training schedule designed to help you settle into your placement successfully. The aim of the training is to make you able to adapt the local settings despite of the cultural differences and also to provide you the information on various topics such as social, cultural, education system, gender issues and the political situation from which you could have a better insight on the nature of the place and community you will be working on.

It’s very important to do the preparation before going abroad for volunteering. While some people will be seasoned travelers, many DAV Nepal volunteers are traveling alone for the first time. Regardless of which group they fall in, what we think is a whole range of issues that volunteers need to consider before traveling.

Step 1: Know before you go

Volunteers should always do their own detailed research about the country that their chosen program is based in, and also we have developed materials which will help DAV Nepal volunteers to get prepared in the best way possible. These materials are free to all of our volunteers and are accessible as soon as you confirm to volunteer with us, which will be forwarded to you by our team.

Step 2: DAV Nepal in- country training and orientation

The length of the training and orientation program is determined by how long you will be in a placement with DAV Nepal. For volunteers on the short 2 week placements the training period will last for 3 days, for those on longer placements training will last for up to 10 days which depends upon your placement period.

What would the in - country training and orientation constitute of?

  • 2 to 3 hours of basic Nepali language a day.
  • Brief about Nepal
  • Cultural information / gender issues
  • Environmental / societal issues
  • Discussion about the project you will be involving in
  • Interaction with the DAV Nepal team and past volunteers
  • Sightseeing in Kathmandu

The in country volunteer training involves language training, discussion about the ongoing projects and sightseeing around Kathmandu. The language training takes place in the morning, after a light breakfast. Language classes last for about 2 to 3 hours and are in small groups of 3 or 4. This allows for more intensive training and gives our language teachers the opportunity to provide better personal attention to each volunteer.

After the language class, volunteers will be given lunch and about an hour to rest. This is followed by sightseeing around Kathmandu accompanied by member of the DAV Nepal team. The afternoons will also be spent giving you cultural information regarding Nepali traditions and some of the social issues that you may encounter during your placement. You will be given safety training that will give you some knowledge about how to conduct and present yourself around the village, resource centers, schools or any other places.

An important part of this phase, will be meeting volunteers returning from their placements. As in the training period you will be staying with us in our DAV Nepal apartment you would also meet other volunteers returning from their placements which will provide you the opportunity to interact with them and know about the project and placements from their perspective as well.

All training and orientation is focused on preparing volunteers for understanding about cultural differences, increasing the ability of adaptation to new environment( socially and culturally) and to let know volunteers the detailed idea about the projects they would be involving in order to maximize their contribution.