DAV Approach

Community Involvement

An important aspect of effective volunteer programs is community involvement, and for that reason, it is imperative to have local stakeholders. This begins with volunteer programs being run by local people. At DAV, we have developed a bottom up approach to our volunteer programs, whereby we work with independent local clubs and community centers to receive DAV volunteers, place them on projects, and take care of them throughout the duration of their program. Local organizations( we ourselves) are in the best position to place volunteers within our community – local organizations know the people, we speak the language, we can identify where volunteers are required, and most importantly, we are part of the community. These local organizations know what is important for the community and how to carry it out in a sustainable way.

DAV Nepal’s volunteer training

Hosting a large number of volunteers, we have developed a framework of best practice for hosting and managing volunteers to ensure an effective fit between the volunteer and assigned placement to create maximum benefit for the project during the volunteer's stay. For that we have created a training program for volunteers which will help them to know about the work they will be doing and know about the place they are living. A basic Nepali language lessons in our training is also a approach to fit the volunteers with local people and lives.

DAV Nepal Travel, tour and adventure

While it is important for our volunteers to spend their weekdays working hard and making valuable contributions to their placements, we also believe it is important to get away on weekends to experience more of their host country and refresh for the upcoming week. Keeping that in mind our packages are designed in a way that volunteers could choose between only volunteering and volunteering and adventure (for adventure lovers). And also for only volunteering program volunteers we will be organizing hiking, nature walk around the national park, bicycle tour around the town and sightseeing the local destinations.

Youth Led Organization

We believe in youth empowerment. With that thought in mind we have established DAV Nepal which is an example of involvement and commitment of youth for the real change making. Our young team, staffs and local coordinator are all young and determined.


In DAV Nepal we had strictly incorporate and follow the good governance laws among which transparency is one. We are transparent on where the fees of volunteer are going. The fees we charge for volunteering are very affordable and we strictly meet all the commitments regarding the services and programs/projects within those fees which includes food and accommodation, 24/7 in country support, airport pick up and drop, transportation to and from the placement.