About us

Discover and volunteer Nepal (DAV Nepal) is an officially registered nonprofit, local, volunteering organization specializing in cheap and affordable volunteering opportunities in Nepal. We work for the benefit of several local and impoverished communities. We are a group of Nepalese volunteers and Development Studies graduates who have background work experiences in tourism. We opened this organization in hopes of achieving our goal to promote development projects and better the socio-economic status of communities where we have chosen to work. We offer international volunteers customized projects. We want to benefit both the volunteers and the people of Nepal.

Mission/ Vision

Our mission is creating volunteer opportunities throughout the country. The current model has marred by flaws. Our aim is to abandon the current donor-dependent NGO model, which as development graduates we have seen failing before our eyes. At this time the scale of our programs are small but we are determined to see that our projects reflect a very local understanding of the communities and that it is run with enthusiastic support from all stakeholders. If we start a project and run it with our volunteer friends, we want to make sure that the community is equally interested, participating and in fact sustaining it. We aim to link international volunteers with Nepali locals to genuinely put something good to fruition. We will make sure that volunteers will thoroughly enjoy the process and will gain a deep understanding of a community that is in all respects mostly strange to them.


-  Enable international volunteers (and the volunteering industry) to make significant contribution to the ongoing development of Nepal.

-  Through volunteer exchanges and volunteer's expertise, build capacity of local communities in Nepal to enterprise and support their participation in the labor market.

-  To provide volunteers with an authentic Nepali experience that includes complete cultural immersion in local communities

-  To facilitate the socio-economic development of communities in Nepal through our customized volunteering projects

-  Help train, educate and support the poorest and disadvantaged communities to allow them to manage their own development projects.

What we do:

-  Customized projects for impactful volunteering.

-  Language lessons, cultural orientation and assistance in understanding local history and contexts.

- Assist people who come to Nepal to study, conduct research, and do voluntary work

- Through volunteer exchanges and volunteer's expertise, build capacity of local communities in Nepal to enterprise and support their participation in the labor market.

-Plan and organize fundraising campaigns to assist the communities and organizations we work to help. 

-Raise funds in order to help the communities and people we work with. We haved worked closely with several communtiies. 1) Pal Ewam Namgyal Monastic School, (http://namgon.org/site/monastic-school/)  2) Bote Children of Patiani, 3) The New Nepal Society (https://nnscnepal.wordpress.com/) We raise funds to assist these communities by providing them with financial assitance for food, healthcare, and clothing.  In Kathmandu we have worked closely with Preem Deep Karthak and his organization "Food for the Naanis". He has helped connect the funds we have raised from all over the world to children in need in and around the Kathmandu Valley.