• Truly an amazing experience to be a part and volunteer with DAV Nepal. My two months in Nepal volunteering and trekking was one of the thing I will cherish my whole life.

    Celine Gavillet
    CEO, Himal Remit
  • A great combination of travelling and volunteering at the same time. No other ways to feel and experience Nepal’s fullest than this. Probably the most amazing 2 months of my life which touched my soul and further motivates me to do something for the communities I have worked along with.

  • I truly appreciate the DAV Nepal’s work which let me scrutinize through Nepal’s school curriculum and the cultural exchange program which made me feel how different the world is and yet can be truly lived in a non-judgmental way appreciating and respecting each other’s culture. As a traveller I felt I had travelled with meaning and my stay in Nepal with DAV was unforgettable.

  • An experience filled with fun, adventure and projects that give me opportunity to make my travel meaningful, this truly is a thing I would remember my whole life.

    Morgan Dun Campbell
  • An organization which address the real need of communities and a team so dedicates to the projects and volunteers which motivates me to further collaborate with them in their work. I am glad that I am one of them and my period in Nepal volunteering in monastery and trekking through mountains of Nepal also changed me as a person and my perception on life.

    Nick Beaudoin
  • A holiday can’t be much better and meaningful than this. Living and travelling as a local which sort of provide me the insiders view and being part of the community for their development was the best thing DAV Nepal provided me.

    Solene Chatot Henry